We strive to be a gold standard in our aviation asset valuations. Whether for a business jet aircraft or a corporate hangar facility, our objective is to produce a valuation report that can readily be assessed on its own merit without dependency on any one person’s judgment or opinion. Instead, the report speaks for itself.
Hangar Entry

For an aircraft, it is mostly a matter of digging into the technical. That is where the value is, and that is where we focus our attention and apply our background of experience and training. From there, it is a matter of fitting the aircraft’s overall status and condition into the measured environment of the national and global aircraft marketplace. We take into account the marketplace of the moment and of the immediately foreseeable future as well.

For a hangar, value is more complex. While also greatly dependent on technical features, a hangar’s value is closely tied to its local setting. The terms and conditions of the local airport authority land lease are of primary import. The source of fuel and fuel supplier arrangements are additional key features. By circumstance, of course, hangar markets are local markets. That’s a decided difference that governs valuations of hangar aviation assets compared to valuations of aircraft assets. Similar facilities at different airports can have widely different values. In contrast, similar aircraft in different locations will have similar values.