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Aircraft FinancingBUSINESS JET SALES

We are an independent general project manager for fully conducting sales and purchase projects of business jet and turboprop aircraft. Work is accomplished under various types and styles of business arrangements and within a range of confidentiality levels, as fits each independent situation and each customer’s preferred personal and business interests.

This is where the value is. We take special care for first-hand and even at times hands-on participation in technical matters. It is important to us to make our very best effort to maintain good working relationships with those responsible for aircraft maintenance, hangar operations, and aviation services of all kinds in each project. With a background in maintenance and holding maintenance licenses, we have a good foundation for working with a customer’s in-house technical staff. We think that is essential to each project.

This is where the motivations are. Typically, a project presents itself with multiple client interests, personal and business. Customer comment coming back to us is that we stand out because we can readily adapt to the customer’s point of view. Our business experience and formal management and financial training have prepared us well to work with general and specialized business and financial interests of customer executives and their staffs. We remind ourselves often that jet and hangar transactions are people transactions.

This is where the success comes from. Where opportunities for transactions already exist, we must find them. At times they find us. But always, we work to create the opportunities we need for aircraft (and hangar) transactions, even where none exist. This is always an objective, and it can be a challenge (especially with hangars). Creating the opportunity takes research, and it takes knowing what to look for from that research. Our digital information and computer information systems in-house skills and abilities help.

There are differences in what you get when choosing one sales or purchase representative over another for your jet or hangar transaction project. Here is a suggested “Top Four” list of key thoughts to consider when choosing that representative. Use the list to make comparisons among alternative vendors you may be considering.

Aircraft IconProject Cost. Do a month-by-month estimate of project costs that will build up during the anticipated sale or purchase period. Include specialized sub-contractor services such as legal and tax advice. Include any commissions to be owed by either or both transacting parties. Include asset holding costs if a sale project. In some cases, opportunity costs of the time it takes to complete a transaction may be relevant.

Aircraft IconBuilt In Incentives. List the incentives that by nature come with the type of sale or purchase services arrangement. This is important especially when asset amounts are larger and anticipated project durations are longer. See if the incentives are in your favor, or in the favor of another party.

Aircraft IconConflicts Of Interest. Look for conflicts of interest possibilities in any arrangement you may be considering for your aircraft or hangar sale or purchase services. For example, look for aircraft for sale that compete with yours that are also projects for the representative you are considering. And, look for the amount of payment that might be available to a representative in pursuing those conflicts of interest ahead of your own transaction.

Aircraft IconAccumulation Of Obligations. Take note of avenues that might lead to unforeseen legal obligations during the course of any proposed arrangement with a prospective sales or purchase project representative or sub-contractor. An example could be third-party commissions. Another might be unauthorized maintenance or storage services.

Principal’s Credentials: Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree – Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Maintenance Certificates – Commercial and Instructor Pilot Certificates – Computer Information Systems Degree – Economics Degree
Associates’ Credentials: Vary per each project’s technical attributes or business specializations.